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  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - First Time Cruisers:

How much does a cruise cost?
Cruises are like automobiles, they range in price from compacts to luxury and are priced accordingly. Basically, anyone that plans a vacation in a regular resort or hotel destination vacation can afford a cruise. Within each cruise are various upgrades and extras to match all economic levels of income and needs.

What is there to do on a cruise?
Depending on the cruise type you select, most large cruise ships have a vast array of activities. Almost 20-hours a day there are activities to keep you busy, you select the ones you want to participate. Just a short list of the activities includes bingo, casino, dance classes, entertainment/Broadway type show, exercise classes, lectures, massage, pools/swimming and many more.

How do I determine what cruise to select?
Cruises are calculated in days and depend on location / distance you have to travel to board the cruise ship. Obviously, the longer or more number of days a cruise offers, then the cost increases. Many people select a cruise by cost, destination, weather, ocean activities, ocean views, port of calls, and various themes or types of cruises. Similar to booking a hotel room for a vacation and determining the cost, many people find cruises to be less expensive than traveling to a destination resort for the same length of time.

What other costs are there once I am on the cruise?
Once you have boarded for your cruise, all food, entertainment, ships parties are included in your price. The only costs you could encounter are if you wanted alcoholic beverages or if you took optional excursions with the cruise ship docks at a port.  Remember, tipping is still highly suggested just like on any vacation.

What is included with the cost of my cruise?
Within the price of a cruise a person will receive all food throughout the day, including midnight buffets on larger cruises. Beyond food, entertainment, and deck activities are generally included in price. Also, included in your price of a regular cruise is the cost of transportation among all the ports on your itinerary.

Does the cost of the cruise include my airfare to the city of departure and return home airfare?
The price quoted for a cruise is just for the cruise. When you see a price for Air/Sea price for a cruise that would include connecting airfare, including transfers and baggage handling. Usually prices displayed are prices for as cruises only because of the vast cost difference for people living in cities throughout the world would change prices drastically.

  What is the average length of a cruise?
Cruises can range from one day cruise, three days to seven days are the most common and of course there are cruises that go around the world and take 110 days.

Will there be a lot of people taking cruises this year?
A cruise, because of many reasons such as cost, round the clock fun, food included, sightseeing and numerous other reasons are found on a cruise are extremely popular. It is estimated that more than 10 million people will take a cruise this year.

The term, “Days at Sea” is used in almost all cruise descriptions, what does that really mean?
The term “days at sea” refer to the time it takes to go from one port to another, a full day. Short cruises usually have one or more days at sea. Obviously, longer cruises will have more days at sea.

Are Cruises for couples and families only, or can a single person take a cruise?
Cruises are really designed for all types of persons and their marital status. Single people will find there are many features on a cruise that will keep their attention. Many cruise lines offer single cabins to accommodate the single traveler. Many people will tell you a cruise is a great way to meet people and singles are welcome.

Do all cruise line companies’ use the same type of cruise ship?
No, actually each cruise line uses different ships and there are many variations per ship. For example, smaller cruises may have ships that hold only 100 people, whereas larger cruise ships can be multiple football field long and hold several thousand customers.

What type of ID or Passport will I need to take a cruise?
In general, if your cruise involves traveling to foreign ports then you will need a passport. All cruise lines will require that you show proof of citizenship. It is possible to use a certified copy of your birth certificate along with a government photo ID (Drivers License or government issued ID) on some cruise lines. Additionally, some of the more extensive cruises may require a Visa to travel.

Are cruises family suitable?
Simply stated, yes. Cruises have numerous family activities including many children only facilities, which also includes baby-sitting services. Some cruises are for adults only, but in general almost all cruises cater to families and children of all ages.



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